Does anyone blog personally anymore?

I used to blog, then Facebook hit. I watched as everyone blasted every thought, meal, frustration, baby picture, meme, and political dirge into the feeds. Years later I have to wonder…

Can I now safely blog with little-to-no chance of anyone seeing what I’ve posted unless I personally invite them? I sorta hope so.

I rescued my name URL in 2019 after the foreign company that snatched it up a few years ago gave up thinking it had any value. I never tried to get it from them while they held it, I just played possum.

I’m writing a story about AI. Actually, it’s a story about a girl and a strange man she rescues. Actually, it’s about the human will.

Actually, it’s about where I think we’re going, and how different it is from where we think we’re going. But, it involves AI, a curious kid, a truly weird guy she reluctantly helps, what drives people, and how all of that might look in the future.

I might post passages I’m working on here as I go. I intend to make the first act of the story free. I might illustrate some of it as well. Talk soon. —B